In a highly competitive market, it is a matter of being quicker, better and cost-effective.

At FRAISA we do everything to ensure our customers succeed.

This is because our customers‘ success is also our own success.

Präsident des Verwaltungsrates und CEO Josef Maushart

An uncompromising demand for quality and absolute customer focus are the prerequisites for this.

Therefore, we do not consider ourselves to be a supplier; we see ourselves as a partner that our customers can rely upon for all requirements. Hence our motto is »optimum quality and comprehensive service for maximum customer benefits«.

For this purpose, our emphasis is placed upon a continual innovation process that guarantees future-oriented cutting edge technology through research and development.

Only in this way is it possible for our products and services to always satisfy the current market requirements. And only in this way is it possible for our customers to obtain the added value that they quite rightly expect from our products and services.

As an independent family company, we attach great importance to this special »Spirit of FRAISA«. It is supported and brought to life by our highly-qualified technicians, engineers and consultants. As a technology company, we offer products with high precision. However, we also attach importance to the »human factor«. Or rather: to the creativity of our employees and the trust of our customers.

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Josef Maushart

The Swiss family company with international orientation

FRAISA produces cutting tools for metal cutting processes throughout the global market. Founded in 1934, the company currently employs more than 500 people and is one of the leading manufacturers in this industry.

Long-standing commitment and sustainable development are values that shape FRAISA‘s corporate philosophy. This philosophy assumes continuous investments in company and product development as well as the will to achieve a long-term and partnership based customer relationship, complete with individual support, personal consultancy and intensive on-site contact in equal measure.

FRAISA represents high-technological demand, creative engineering, ideal quality and teamwork at all levels. Our objective is to minimise the production costs for our customers and to maximise productivity in their plants with our high-performance tools and services. At the end of the day, the actual benefit to our customers is what counts for us.

Positive response

FRAISA partners not only appreciate our process expertise and market proximity; they also use these characteristics in a profitable manner. Independent customer satisfaction surveys confirm this.

At FRAISA, the know-how of our development engineers, the knowledge of our application consultants and the experiences of our customers blend into a continuous process of innovation. The result: progress achieved by technologically pioneering and future-proof product solutions.

In order to actively mould the technological change, we make targeted investments in research and development, in the latest machines and equipment, and particularly in highly-qualified technicians and engineers.

Over the years, we have established a tight network of international specialists in the fields of machinery, material and surface technology, in which research and development is performed. This is the foundation for the superior FRAISA technology and for the performance of our products, reaching over 12,000 in number.

Research and development combined with precision and passion only works effectively in a team with a system.

Positives Echo

Our range of services in a nutshell.

Comprehensive range of services

With high-performance tools and a comprehensive range of services, FRAISA enables its customers to increase productivity and reduce costs.

In addition, FRAISA offers a comprehensive range of metal cutting tools: milling tools, drills, taps, indexable inserts and many more. Our products are characterised by high performance, precision and quality – at an excellent price/performance ratio.

With various performance classes, our product range also covers the individual wishes of our customers: from the inexpensive yet technically perfect product line through to our FRAISA X-Generation for high-performance and precision.

Furthermore, FRAISA ensures the sustainable market success and the long-term competitiveness of our customers with a distinct range of services on offer:

Personal and competent expert consultancy, process engineering, special customized tools according to the customer‘s wishes, profitability calculations and a range of support services are all integral to what FRAISA has to offer.

Whether streamlining the product range or selecting the ideal tool concept – we advise, plan and implement. FRAISA is much more than just a product supplier. When required, FRAISA is also a product consultant.


Diagram: Customer-oriented from A to Z

Precision and experience

FRAISA products are in demand wherever high precision and reliability are needed: from mechanical engineering, medical engineering or the food industry to the automotive and chemical industry as well as mould and die production through to the aviation and space industry.

FRAISA‘s customer structure is equally diverse and challenging. Our tools are used in large-scale projects in the aircraft industry as well as for precision work in the watch industry. The range of application fields is enormous.

A question of precision:

The finest watches as well as engine parts belonging to Formula 1 race cars are manufactured using FRAISA tools.

Service is not just support »around« the product range. Our services supporting the tool deployment offer tangible and demonstrable benefits to our customers that pay off in the truest sense of the term.

From a modular range of tool services, the customer can create a tailor-made range for themselves according to their wishes and needs:

Das Schweizer Familienunternehmen mit internationaler Ausrichtung



Thanks to our sales and customer service centers in Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, China, the USA – and of course Switzerland – as well as staff in the UK, we know the requirements of our customers first hand and are always directly represented on the market. In addition to the locations listed, FRAISA also has a total of 70 agencies in 45 countries.

The production site in Solothurn, Switzerland, is in an ideal location: Within a radius of a few hundred kilometers, FRAISA can reach the world's best metal manufacturers, nanotechnologies and grinding machine producers.

All FRAISA companies cooperate in a network, so that all our competencies are available to all customers. In this way the range of services offered to customers and partners is maximized.

Our sales departments and technical advisors ensure that our expertise flows into our customers' value creation process. At the same time, they are the link between the needs of our customers and the solutions of our technology departments.

All our companies are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

FRAISA Standorte


subsidiary FRAISA SA
  • Product and technology
  • Production of milling, threading and
    drilling tools
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • Training centre ToolSchool
  • ToolCare®
  • Central warehouse
    and logistics
  • Sales Switzerland, Europe, Asia and South America


subsidiary FRAISA GmbH
  • Technology development
  • Production of milling and drilling tools for special solutions
  • Production ReTool®
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • ToolCare®
  • Sales Germany


subsidiary FRAISA USA, Inc.
  • Production of
    milling tools
  • Production ReTool® (North America)
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • ToolCare®
  • Central logistics
    (North America)
  • Sales USA, Canada
    and Mexico

FRAISA France Sarl.

subsidiary FRAISA USA, Inc.
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • ToolCare®
  • Sales France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal

FRAISA Italia s.r.l.

subsidiary FRAISA Italia s.r.l.
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • ToolCare®
  • Sales Italy

FRAISA Hungária Kft.

subsidiary FRAISA Hungária Kft.
  • Production of milling and
    drilling tools
  • Unfinished parts HSS
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • ToolCare®
  • Sales Hungary


subsidiary FRAISA SA China Rep Office
Service und advice:
  • Technical advice
  • Central Logistics in China and Taiwan
  • Sales in China and Taiwan