New service offer for France and Germany -
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FRAISA ReTool®Green

For the environment
through reconditioned tools


Significantly reduced
CO2 emissions




Fixed dimensions
and tolerances


Cost benefit thanks to
attractive prices


FRAISA performance




FRAISA ReTool®Green

Buying used tools from FRAISA ReTool®Green sellers at the increased FRAISA ReTool®Blue price

Reconditioning of the used tools with FRAISA ReTool® including performance guarantee

Selling reconditioned tools with 100% performance to FRAISA ReTool®Green buyers

Environmentally friendly FRAISA high-performance tools at especially attractive conditions

FRAISA ReTool®Green pricing

The current FRAISA ReTool®Green price is 28,00 Euro/kg.

This price will apply from 01.05.2024 through 30.06.2024 and will then be recalculated in line with the prevailing raw material prices.

New service offer – market restriction

The new FRAISA ReTool®Green service was introduced in France in 2022. Due to its great success, the offer is going to be extended to other markets step by step. Your FRAISA contact person will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

Building bridges

FRAISA ReTool®Green allows the recondi tioning of tools which customers, for any rea son, do not wish to have reconditioned for their own reuse. FRAISA buys the used tools from those customers and sells them after reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool®.



FRAISA ReTool®Green seller

Customers who cannot use reconditioned tools them selves enable the FRAISA ReTool®Green process by selling the used tools to FRAISA.

Revenue from sale

Your tools will be analyzed upon arrival at our facilities. If the tool condition allows reconditioning for FRAISA ReTool®Green buyers, we will reimburse you the increased FRAISA ReTool®Blue price.

Environmental effect and resource conservation

By selling it to FRAISA, the use of a reconditioned tool instead of a new tool is made possible, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of 50-80% and savings of 100% of the raw material costs for a new tool.

Convenient processes

We will provide you with FRAISA ReTool®Green recyclable packaging for the return of the used tools. In addition, we organize logistics and transport. We do not require purchase orders, delivery notes and order papers.


FRAISA ReTool®Green buyer

Customers who can use the environmentally friendly and powerful FRAISA ReTool®Green tools receive FRAISA high-performance tools at attractive prices.

FRAISA performance guarantee

As with all reconditioned tools, we guarantee 100% of the machining performance and service life of a new tool with FRAISA ReTool®Green. Our money-back guarantee applies here as well.

Cost benefit – attractive prices

You benefit from attractive prices when buying FRAISA ReTool®Green tools. Here, we depend on the purchase of used tools from FRAISA ReTool®Green sellers. Therefore, availability is naturally limited.

Fixed dimensions and tolerances

FRAISA ReTool®Green tools have fixed geometric dimensions such as length of the cutting edge and diameter. The geometry features the same demanding tolerances as the corresponding new tool.

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