FRAISA ConcepTool

Custom tools made
to measure

FRAISA ConcepTool

FRAISA ConcepTool

Custom tools made
to measure

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We adapt our tools to meet your specific needs. By combining multiple standard tools to create a custom-made special tool, you can optimise your processes and thereby increase productivity.

You voice your wishes, we make them come true!

Custom tools are “made-to-measure” tools. They are adapted to your specifi c needs and aligned to current market requirements. FRAISA makes use of the best machines and materials, the latest technology and the entire know-how of the technology leader.

We aim to support you in optimising your processes and minimising your costs. Fraisa customized tools are designed to deliver exceptional performance. Simply stated: ConcepTool optimises processes, boosts performance and raises productivity. In fact this is often achieved by combining several standard tools into a particularly productive customized tool.

You voice your wishes, we make them come true!

Any new, complex challenges?

Any new, complex challenges?

We take it on!

There are many ways to achieve your goal. It is crucial to recognise the right one – and to make the right choice. Therefore, we don't just make new tools but also perform specific engineering tasks for you.

This means that Fraisa works with you on site, in your workplace, to find the optimum solution. We evaluate cutting data, monitor performance and efficiency and also support you in running-in your processes. The following account gives an overview of the platform offered by Fraisa for customized tools.

Our service network, your customized tool

We develop the optimum tool for your specific application. Our service network offers a wide range of possibilities for overcoming complex challenges.

To this end we draw from a pool of partners to ensure that we meet your requirements with the latest know-how.


Construction design

Our construction design offers you the visual support you need. We will be pleased to supply you with dimensional drawings or 3D images on request.

Customized Tool Team

The Customized Tool Team is the hub and first point of contact. Fraisa technicians assess your specific application and make a feasibility test. They clarify all the details, suggest solutions, calculate and offer you a specific price and delivery schedule.

Application consultants

Our field engineers will advise you on site. They are highly qualified and always able to recognise requirements, develop strategies, initiate solutions and implement improvements. You only need to phone and your cutting tool professional is on hand.


Material and surface technology

We select the correct substrates, as well as the surface treatment and coating appropriate to the particular application. Our in-house facilities for development in the area of material and surface treatment, guarantees the very best results.

Trial laboratory (ToolLab)

Customer-specific materials whose chemical composition is not entirely known are tested and analysed in Fraisa's own laboratory. This enables the optimum operational data to be determined.


We set up a project team to mobilise our engineering know-how for complex tasks. Working with you and, if necessary, with the support of our own laboratory - atory, the project is analysed on site and, carrying out a number of tests, the best solution is identified.

Four ways to achieve the goal. The aim is to ensure your success.

  1. We adapt

    You know exactly what you want: to adapt an existing standard tool from the Fraisa catalogue. From your precise specifications detailing a new length or a different diameter, we will produce a top quality solution, sensitive to cost and performance and in accordance with your needs.

    Small detail, big Impact!

  1. We implement

    You have an idea and detailed vision of the customized tool which you need. We define the optimum cutting edge geometry for the operation and together with you, develop the ideal tool. Producing a tailor-made tool, ready to use. Featuring, of course, the familiar Fraisa quality.

    Your idea, our Product!

  1. We develop something new

    In principle you know how to machine the component but you don't yet know which tool is to be used. Based on your component drawing, and bearing in mind your machinery, we develop together with you, a customized tool which is suitable for the specific process in-hand and provide optimum performance data. Thereby improving your performance!

    You know what, we know how!

  1. We recreate

    You own a sample tool which you need in a similar format but new and of top quality. Our modern measuring equipment gives us the capability to determine precisely the measurements of existing tool, to examine it in detail and to streamline its manufacture. As a result, you are once more at the leading edge in cutting tools trends.

    Existing tool, higher Quality!

Many possibilities

If Fraisa doesn't stock it, it will provide it. Simply put: we develop and produce what you request and need, even tool concepts and applications that are not in our catalogues.

With our coating plants we can produce standard coatings for all kinds of customized tools.

In conjunction with our partners we are producing new high-tech surfaces for this purpose.

The challenge is to define the optimum tool geometry and the very best coating for each specific application.

Do you have questions about our services?
We will be happy to help!


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