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100 % of the machining performance and service life of a new tool

Maximum substance preservation through adaptation of the reconditioning process to the tool condition

Personal advice from application engineers to optimize the engagement time

Wide service portfolio for many tools – available from diameters starting at 2 mm

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FRAISA performance guarantee through industrial reconditioning

FRAISA ReTool® guarantees 100 % of the machining performance and service life of a new tool. Industrial reconditioning is already being considered during tool development. Our automated production processes ensure maximum performance stability.

Cost savings thanks to FRAISA performance guarantee

Thanks to the FRAISA performance guarantee, you benefit from the reliable 100 % performance of the reconditioned tools. Your machines can produce at an output of 100 % – with new tools as well as after the first, second or third reconditioning.

Reliable performance with 100% FRAISA performance guarantee

Environmental effect and resource conservation

For tool reconditioning, fewer resources are used than for the manufacture of a new tool. The carbon footprint of FRAISA shows a reduction in CO2 emissions of 50-80 % for reconditioned tools.

Wide service portfolio

From cylindrical universal tools to sophisticated finishing cutters and high-precision ball nose milling cutters – FRAISA ReTool® is available from diameters starting at 2 mm.

Cost savings with transparent prices

The tool reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool® is less expensive than buying a new tool – up to over 70 %. Each reconditioning has a transparent total price regardless of the tool condition. All prices can be found in the FRAISA webshop.

Advice from application engineers

The correct engagement time is decisive for the optimal use of FRAISA tools over the entire life cycle. We are happy to advise you on this in-person or through your preferred method of communication.

Cost savings through substance preservation

We adapt the reconditioning to the respective tool condition. The grinding programs are customized in order to preserve the substance of your tool as far as possible.

Money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Should we ever fail to meet your expectations, we will refund the cost or provide you with a replacement tool.

Convenient processes

We provide you with environmentally friendly recyclable packaging and organize logistics and transport. We do not require purchase orders, delivery notes and order papers.

FRAISA ReTool additional services
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Basic services
Always included

  • High-precision reconditioning of solid carbide square, ball-end, and corner radius cutters with adherence to the radius tolerances of the new tool
  • Performance guarantee for all FRAISA high performance milling tools and carbide drills
  • Repeatability: Through the use of state-of-theart CNC grinding and measuring machines, we achieve identical geometries and surface qualities
  • Labels and barcodes for FRAISA ToolCare® customers
  • Consideration of individual customer requirements through the FRAISA ReTool® Specification (RTS)
  • Detailed information for tools that can no longer be reprocessed
  • FRAISA Full-Service Logistics: Fast, safe and cost-effective handling in reusable boxes and individual packaging
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Optional services
On request and without additional cost

  • Grinding of milling tools to desired diameter (grinding steps)
  • Consideration of desired minimum cutting edge lengths of milling tools and carbide drills
  • Consideration of desired neck lengths (l3) for milling tools
  • Marking by means of one notch per preparation at the end of the shaft
  • Labels and barcodes with your defined article numbers
  • Labels with specified tool-specific information
  • Recycling of tools that can no longer be reprocessed by FRAISA ReToolBlue
  • Evaluation of your tools for process optimization
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Individual services
On request with additional cost

  • Laser marking on the tool shank according to individual customer specifications
  • Grinding “Weldon“ clamping surface on the shaft
  • Tool measurement with package marking (label)
  • Measurement reports for reconditioned tools
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