Thread cutting tools

Thread cutting tools

Thread cutting tools

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Reliable machining of threads using FRAISA

The FRAISA range includes high-performance taps made from HSS and carbide, with a coding system for reliable selection of the tools and application data. The extensive range also includes thread formers made from HSS and carbide, as well as thread milling tools made from carbide.


Precision HSS and carbide taps

The production of internal screw threads using taps is a delicate process – not least because it represents one of the final manufacturing operations and the component will already have a high value.

It makes the issue of process security all the more important.

Choosing the right tap ensures production reliability. Thanks to the coding system developed by Fraisa, the possibility of tool mix-ups is a thing of the past.

High-performance HSS and carbide cold forming taps (roll taps)

Thread forming is a highly efficient method of producing internal threads without cutting, thereby increasing process reliability.

Fraisa offers an extensive range of thread formers for use in aluminium alloys and steel materials.

We recommend you investigate this alternative to thread cutting tools – especially when it concerns high volume manufacture of threaded holes.

Precision carbide thread milling tools

Today’s modern CNC machines with 3 axis simultaneous movement enable us to use thread milling tools for the manufacture of internal and external threads.

The process of thread milling offers increased reliability due to the production of short chips, the ability to adjust size / tolerance and machine a full thread to the bottom of a hole.

Fraisa’s greatly expanded range encompasses thread milling tools, combination drill / thread milling tools and now also thread whirling tools made from carbide.


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