Micro Milling Cutter

FRAISA’s new Microcut tools offer the perfect solution for every challenge faced when the cost of machining materials in the hardness range up to 55 HRC has to be kept low.

This generation of Microcut tooling guarantees cost-effective machining of two and three dimensional contours in mold and tool making, as well as in medical technology and the watch industry. The tools have been developed to expand FRAISA’s portfolio to include an alternate, extremely economical tool for machining steels and non-ferrous alloys. The clincher: The design of these Microcut milling cutters is minimalist, which has resulted in increased stability.

Microcut is the solution for cost-effective production of complex component geometries in medium- to high strength materials.

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We are presenting our attractive MicroX range in a greatly expanded form – a success story with four dimensions!

This product range, now expanded to almost 500 items in diameters ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 mm, sets new benchmarks with respect to performance, completeness, and simple and quick tool selection, opening up new options for high-precision micro-milling.

With the four perfectly coordinated dimensions “Range,” “Technology,” “Service,” and “Application,” MicroX offers a clever solution for maximum customer value in finishing and superfinishing.

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New performance horizons with the MicroHX for the milling of super-hard molds

The successful and comprehensive MicroX range from FRAISA offers the right solution for every challenge in mold making. For particularly hard materials such as steel, the solution is: FRAISA MicroHX.

With the MicroHX ball nose end mills from FRAISA, very hard materials with a hardness of HRC > 60 can now also be machined extremely economically, efficiently, and precisely. The MicroHX tools have superior service lives, are extremely wear-resistant, and can be used for a very long time.

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Our attractive MicrospheroXG and MicrotoroXG range is more diverse than ever a success story in four dimensions!

The clever solution for high-precision milling of graphite materials now comprises 219 items with diameters ranging from 0.1 to 6.0 mm. The product assortment sets new standards with outstanding performance, an unprecedented complete product range, and simple, fast tool selection.

With the four perfectly coordinated dimensions “Range,” “Technology,” “Service,” and “Application,” MicrospheroXG and MicrotoroXG offer a clever solution for maximum customer value in finishing and superfinishing.

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