Aviation industry

Machining in the aviation industry means high-tech solutions and innovation. New materials must be able to be processed not only cost-effectively but also with great process reliability and precision. FRAISA is constantly engaged in research and development work and is as a result an experienced and skilled partner when it comes to developing customer-specific solutions that meet the strict quality requirements of the industry.


FRAISA E-Cut – the compact range

The FRAISA E-Cut milling concept combines a very wide range of applications with precisely calculated and verified application data.

High-performance milling of aluminium

AX-FPS - Productivity gains thanks to perfect coordination of the tool and machine environment

Multi-functional Cutting

Easy-cut and dynamic up to 5.2xd deep

Circular arc milling for brilliant finishing

ArCut X is a productivity booster for finishing with excellent surface quality


FRAISA ToolExpert®

FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 – the new online cutting data tool for optimum tool use

FRAISA ToolExpert® E-Cut

FRAISA ToolExpert® E-Cut – easy to use, highly efficient, and extremely economical

FRAISA ToolExpert® MFC

Use the online cutting data calculator FRAISA ToolExpert® MFC without having to download any software!

FRAISA ToolExpert® ArCut X

The specially developed FRAISA ToolExpert® ArCut X is now a reliable aid to finding the perfect tool from the ArCut X family.


The new FRAISA ToolExpert® AX-FPS gives FRAISA customers an innovative solution for defining cutting data that is specially tailored to their machine environment.


FRAISA ToolCare®

With the new tool management system ToolCare® the tools utilized in the production facility can be stored in a clearly organized manner and efficiently managed.


FRAISA ReTool® is our efficient, all-round service for the industrial reconditioning of your FRAISA and third-party tools.


FRAISA’s ReToolBlue service completes our product and service range.

FRAISA ConcepTool

We adapt our tools to meet your specific needs. By combining multiple standard tools to create a custom-made special tool, you can optimise your processes and thereby increase productivity.

FRAISA ToolSchool

We train customers in our training centre, right by the machines - and demonstrate state-of-the-art cutting tool technology.
For high-efficiency, greater safety and cost-saving processes.


Aviation industry

FRAISA E-Cut – the compact range

The FRAISA E-Cut milling concept combines a very wide range of applications with precisely calculated…

Sphero-Alu – precision & performance in aluminum

Well equipped for all milling operations that can be applied to aluminum: The new Sphero-Alu ball nose…

[Upgrade] High-performance milling of aluminium AX-FPS

The new AX-FPS milling cutter opens up new performance horizons in the field of aluminum machining. The…

Multi-Functional Cutting MFC-R

Thanks to the expansion of the range of tools with corner radius, MB-RNVDS, up to 132 different application…

Circular arc milling for brilliant finishing ArCut X

ArCut X is a conical end mill whose curved surface area has a radius of curvature of up to 1,000 mm.

Multi-functional Cutting MFC. The solution for easy-cut and highly dynamic applications

Each MFC tool enables up to 96 different applications to be handled, allowing users to achieve significant…

Finishing cutters for vibration-free surfaces in aluminum machining Multicut XA

Multicut XA is our redesigned finishing cutter for machining aluminum. It completes FRAISA’s successful…

High-performance milling in difficult-to-cut materials ZX

The new milling tools ZX made of solid carbide were developed specifically for the efficient machining…

High-performance mills for integral aluminum components AX-RV

Thanks to the technological innovations of AX-RV, superior results with regard to productivity, cost…

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