Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain an independent FRAISA company that operates successfully and profitably in the long-term, in the interest of shareholders, employees and partners, the local region and community. Loyal personnel should feel at home in our employ and derive long-term satisfaction and a secure livelihood. How this vision is to be implemented is specified in the following philosophy.


Board of Directors and Executive Board of FRAISA Holding AG
(from left to right)

Thomas Nägelin (CEO), Dr. Dirk Kammermeier (COO), Patrizia Kings (CFO), Dr. Sebastian Stein (CTO), Dr. Fritz Gantert (President of the Board of Directors), Josef Maushart (Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors), Ursula Maushart (Member of the Board of Directors), Hanspeter Kocher (Member of the Board of Directors), Florian Kennel-Maushart (Member of the Board of Directors), Dominique Fehlmann (Member of the Board of Directors)

Our key values

Our key values
  • Quality and technological advancement for the product and in production

  • Collegial communication and high personal responsibility

  • Cooperation with all partners for mutual benefit

  • Environmentally friendly products in environmentally friendly processes

  • Fairness in everything we do

  • Preservation of autonomy as a family business company

Our Product

We produce the highest-performance tools and distribute them worldwide, primarily through our own FRAISA sales channels. Accordingly, we feel committed to technical progress for production and product as well as to guaranteeing superior quality.

We Ourselves

Each one of us works with a high degree of individual responsibility and plays our part in upholding our quality standards. Our interpersonal relationships are characterized by helpful and considerate communication. We identify with our company’s objectives.

Quality & Advancement
Trust & Environment

Our Partners

We cultivate open relationships characterized by our trusting collaboration with both customers and suppliers. In our strongly held opinion, this is a prerequisite for constant improvement in mutual benefit.

Our Environment

We regard our environment as an asset worth protecting. Through careful utilization of resources, we manufacture an environmentally compatible product in an equally environmentally compatible process.


We consider fair competition to be a matter of course and, at the same time, the basis for customer- oriented market development.

Our Future

We are an independent company with strong links to our locations. To ensure that this remains the case, we strive for a dynamic yet nonetheless economically balanced development of our business.

Fairness & Independence