SX High-performance Milling Cutter
The specialist for machining stainless steels

SX High-performance Milling CutterThe specialist for machining stainless steels

SX High-performance Milling Cutter
The specialist for machining stainless steels

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SX technology: Maximum performance and process reliability

The new SX high-performance milling cutter from FRAISA has been developed specifically for machining stainless and acid-resistant steels. A high degree of universality, excellent cutting performance and a long tool life are its trademarks.

During countless cutting trials, the cutting-edge geometry has been optimized in such a way that maximum stability and very low-friction chip discharge have been achieved at the same time. The result is silky smooth running of the cutter with low cutting forces. Very tough but also abrasive rustproof and acid-resistant materials pose a challenging complex of loads for tools. Ultrafine- grain carbides have a high hardness and considerable edge strength.

Ultrafine-grain carbides form the basis of SX highperformance milling cutters. To protect the carbide from high temperatures and abrasive wear, an extremely smooth DURO-Si hard coating was chosen. As a result, the hardware of the cutters is made up of perfectly coordinated components.

In addition to FRAISA’s innovative tool and production technology, another point is fundamental to the success of SX tools: The expertise of the cutting data matched to the materials of the “INOX” group. This knowledge is integrated in the new ToolExpert 2.0 cutting data calculator and guarantees simple, reliable, and fast implementation in production. This makes milling difficult stainless and heat-resistant steels easy.

The wide range of applications SX high-performance milling cutters are capable of is another big benefit of this new technology. In addition to the main purpose for which they were designed, namely, HPC processes, these cutters are also ideal for HDC machining. After use, the tools can be restored to their original condition by the FRAISA ReTool® reconditioning service and later recycled by means of ReToolBlue service at the end of the service life.

The advantages

  • Excellent cost-performance ratio:
    • High performance, long tool life, repeat accuracy and reliability
    • ToolCare® tool management, FRAISA ReTool® tool reconditioning and ReToolBlue tool recyclinge
    • Application know-how for stainless, acid- and temperature- resistant steels
  • Comprehensive range with catalog cutting data
    • Diameters between 3 mm and 20 mm
    • Two different lengths: standard and medium-long
    • Specially developed catalog cutting data for HPC machining
    • Tools with a corner radius available on request (custom-made)
  • Wide range of applications
    • For replacing existing tools and as a solution for new applications
    • HPC machining with 65% ae and 1.5xd ap, ToolExpert 2.0 with HDC machining
    • Maximum performance thanks to the perfect combination of tool type and cutting data
    • Soft-cutting tools for dependable use in demanding applications
  • Perfection – FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0
    • Completely revised cutting performance data and revised material table
    • Quick, simple, and reliable cutting-data search function by entering the material number
    • Automatic data transfer to CAM

The technologies of the SX high-performance tools

The new SX technology was developed in FRAISA’s Production department and Test Center, while the FRAISA ToolSchool was responsible for developing and validating the cutting data. All product development measures were focused on achieving high productivity, a long tool life and cost efficiency.

A strong-edged, ultrafine-grain carbide with excellent wear properties forms the basis of the SX high-performance tools. A positive, easy-cut geometry was combined with optimized flutes and an increasing tool core diameter. The result: Optimum chip formation, good chip removal, and high tool stability.

To ensure the SX tools can withstand high mechanical and thermal stresses, the exposed cutting-edge corner has been equipped with a special, robust, polished tooth edge and a small corner radius.

The high-performance DURO-Si coating protects the tools against high temperature loads and ensures maximum performance and tool life by means of its high wear resistance. The SX high-performance tools are ideally suited to HPC and HDC machining and consequently cover a wide range of applications and materials.

Detailed descriptions of each technology can be found in our “High-performance Milling Tools” catalog.

FRAISA tool technology for maximum competitiveness!

FRAISA carries out extensive tests with its own high-performance milling cutters and milling tools made by competitors. We do this to keep a constant eye on the status quo in tool and application technology. These tests involve using the milling cutters in different materials with different milling strategies.

A special focus is placed on HDC milling: Due to the high mechanical and thermal loads, testing with this milling process is particularly intensive. This ensures that the tools can be used for a wide range of materials and applications – while also providing maximum performance and a long service life.

Application expertise for optimum results

Machining stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steels is a particular challenge. Using the right high-performance tool and the appropriate cutting data for the job is crucial. But it’s also essential to monitor other factors and make optimizations if necessary.

FRAISA ReTool® Industrial tool reconditioning with performance guarantee

FRAISA ReTool® offers an all-round service that restores your used tools to their original performance level and optimizes your processes. FRAISA and third-party tools are reconditioned using the very latest technology – and in a resource-friendly way. The outcome: mint-condition tools as productive as they were the first day they were used. And to make things even better, your level of investment is lower than if you were to buy new tools, you increase your productivity and you save costs.

FRAISA ReTool® a performance guarantee founded on integrated development of the tools and the reconditioning process

We guarantee that following their reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool®, your used tools will be restored to the original performance level they had when new. Our ability to provide this performance guarantee is a priority of our team of experts right from very early on in product development.

That’s why the development of the reconditioning process is an integral part of the development phase, alongside the actual product tests and calculating the cutting data. Strict rules apply: the FRAISA ReTool® process is approved only if we are able to fulfil our performance guarantee 100%.


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