High-Performance Milling
MFC with machining
depths of up to 6.3xd

Extremely high chip removal rates

Suitable for HPC, HDC-S and finishing to depths of up to 6.3xd

Wider range of applications

Sustainable thanks to FRAISA ReTool®

Machining depths of up to 6.3xd

Verified application data

  • Variable tooth pitch
  • Increasing core diameter
  • Chip breaker
  • Small corner radius
  • New polished tooth edge
  • High-performance penetration edge
  • Internal cooling
  • Up to 8° entry angle

Simplification of the entire production process through multifunctionality

Multifunctional, MFC tools from FRAISA have a significant status within the industry. Due to its high level of acceptance in the marketplace, the MFC tool family has been continuously developed and expanded, so that machining in up to 154 different application areas is now possible. By using MFC tools, you benefit greatly from lower inventory and tooling costs as well as shorter tool change times. This guarantees a reduction in your production costs.

The latest addition to the range now includes an extra-long version with a cutting edge length of 6.3xd. In combination with the High Dynamic Cutting (HDC) strategy, the tools realize their enormous performance potential. Thanks to their very robustly designed cutting corner geometry, they are excellent for plunging into a workpiece and then using the entire length of the cutting edge to mill out the component.

The corner radius variant, now also available in the medium-long version, enables you to cover most application areas. By combining the most productive use cases, you can machine a 3D part through to pre-finishing with just a single tool.

The cutting profile of the MFC tools has been designed with a positive edge and results in a soft and low-vibration cut that in turn reduces machining forces, power consumption and torque input. As always, the online cutting data software, FRAISA ToolExpert®, reliably helps you to set up the machining process.

Many new application possibilities have been added so that the cutting data calculator now provides an excellent overview of the broad range of uses of the MFC tool family.

The advantages of the MFC tool family:

  • Simplification of the production process to allow for more time for professional CAD-CAM implementation
  • Reduced logistics and inventory costs because one tool can be used for many different applications
  • Shorter machine setup times thanks to a reduced variety of tool variants
  • Reduced capital commitment for tools and tool holders
  • High process reliability thanks to guaranteed chip removal via a central air and cooling channel
  • Lower loads and reduced energy consumption thanks to positive cutting edge geometry
  • Coordinated program cycles and superior performance thanks to precise application data in FRAISA ToolExpert®
  • Optimum life cycle thanks to FRAISA ToolCare® tool management, FRAISA ReTool® tool reconditioning and FRAISA ReToolBlue recycling

Up to 154 application areas

The unique multifunctionality of the MFC tools covers 14 groups of materials, each of which can be combined with 11 specific applications. The corner radius version makes it possible to use HFC (High Feed Cutting) and HSC (High Speed Cutting) milling strategies, which are the most productive solutions for machining certain areas of workpieces. In combination with the HDC (High Dynamic Cutting) strategy, you can machine workpieces of a wide variety of materials and tempering conditions extremely efficiently.

The extra-long version of MFC tools with a cutting edge length of 6.3xd can be used extremely productively with the HDC strategy as well as for finishing. The specially designed chip breakers and the internal coolant supply ensure high process reliability during penetration. To achieve the highest chip removal rates, use the standard and medium-long versions of the MFC tools.

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