HX-RNVS and XSpeed-H –
universal and durable for high-hard steels

HX-RNVS and XSpeed-H –universal and durable for high-hard steels

HX-RNVS and XSpeed-H –
universal and durable for high-hard steels

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The HDC milling strategy takes hold in 2.5D and 3D machining of high-hard steels. Innovation made by FRAISA: high dynamic cutting in mold making

HDC machining has already proven its worth in multiple applications with nonhardened materials. And yet HDC machining is almost unknown in the field of mold making. With this in mind, FRAISA has developed two new types of tools that break into precisely this area and realize their enormous potential there. The HX-RNVS and XSpeed-H are perfect additions to the HX family, which has been specifically designed for high-performance milling of high-hard steels. Optimal tool geometries developed specifically for machining hardened steels, combined with an extremely hard Duro-Si coating, guarantee not only a long service life, but also universal operating conditions with 100% HDC suitability.

HX-RNVS tools are designed to be very robust and they are optimized for high cutting rates. The four-edged tool is ideal for materials with a hardness of more than 50 HRC and develops its maximum performance in 2.5D and 3D machining. In HDC applications, the contact length of the cutting edges with the material is long. The orbital motion in the case of the HDC strategy guarantees consistent chip thickness and cutting forces, for which the HX-RNVS is precisely designed. The result is exceptionally high machining rates and a long service life.

But the HX-RNVS also masters HPC applications with flying colors, highlighting the universal character of this tool.

The HX-RNVS is equipped with a highly precise corner radius. This makes the very strong and precise HX-RNVS virtually ideal for finishing operations with very narrow tolerance bands and premium surfaces.

Shifting the focus from universality to a long tool life, this is where the XSpeed-H comes into its own. The new XSpeed-H has been developed especially for HDC and HSC milling. The high number of cutting edges – with up to eight teeth – guarantees silky smooth movement of the milling tool.

As a result, wear and tear is spread across eight cutting edges and the tools can enjoy a very long service life. XSpeed-H milling tools enable feed rates to be doubled for both HSC and HDC milling. This is a very positive product feature that plays to the capabilities of today’s highly dynamic milling machines and reduces production costs long-term.

The benefits

  • Increased productivity through use of the HDC milling strategy now also with 2.5D and 3D machining of hardened steels
  • Maximum component accuracy thanks to the tool’s extreme concentricity, shank accuracy, and resulting precision
  • Services available FRAISA ToolCare® tool management system, FRAISA ReTool® tool reconditioning, and FRAISA ReToolBlue tool recycling
  • Good cost efficiency through faster milling processes with long tool life and fast feed and cutting rates
  • Lower tool costs due to reduced wear thanks to Duro-Si hard coating and optimized wear distribution

FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 – the innovative online tool for your production

In the age of Industry 4.0, it’s all about working productively and precisely at all times. To achieve this, FRAISA develops not only high-quality and versatile tools, but also innovative software solutions, such as the new FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0

This user-friendly online tool delivers perfectly coordinated, tool- and material- specific cutting data for production purposes – and the perfect basis for optimum usage of FRAISA tools: quick and easy.

To this end, FRAISA experts determine the optimum operating points in comprehensive tests carried out at the company’s own application centers. All factors involved are taken into account and the optimal data is then bundled in the new FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 and continuously expanded.

When it comes to using the tools, this means you:

  • find the optimum operating parameters quickly and reliably
  • use perfectly coordinated tooland material-specific cutting data
  • download CAD data for selected tools

FRAISA ToolExpert offers many advantages:

  • Precise: Find perfectly coordinated, tool- and material-specific cutting data

  • Simple: Access data online at any time and from anywhere without software downloads

  • Quick: Find application parameters with a just few clicks and without registering
  • Order function: Order the tool you want directly from our E-shop via a link

  • Flexible: Search for tools or materials to be machined as required
  • Comprehensive: Call up cutting data for FRAISA tools from a database of more than 10,000 materials

  • User-friendly: Work intuitively thanks to the new, responsive design

All-round talents: Versatile

Our tools in action – get to know our all-round talents

The combination of highly innovative features results in a very powerful overall concept

Impressive thanks to wide range of applications

The two new milling cutters in the HX family – the HX-RNVS and the XSpeed-H – complement each other excellently in all fields of machining hardened steels, especially in mold making. In particular, high-hard steels can be machined efficiently.

Long tool life

What’s more, the cutting edges suffer from very little wear and retain extremely good cutting performance even after a long time in use.

This very high resistance to wear means the lifespan of the tools can be extended considerably.

FRAISA ReTool® – Industrial tool reconditioning with performance guarantee

FRAISA ReTool® offers an all-round service that restores your used tools to their original performance level and optimizes your processes. FRAISA and third-party tools are reconditioned using the very latest technology – and in a resource-friendly way. The outcome: mint-condition tools as productive as they were the first day they were used. And to make things even better, your level of investment is lower than if you were to buy new tools, you increase your productivity and you save costs.

FRAISA ReTool® – a performance guarantee founded on integrated development of the tools and the reconditioning process

We guarantee that following their reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool®, your used tools will be restored to the original performance level they had when new. Our ability to provide this performance guarantee is a priority of our team of experts right from very early on in product development.

That’s why the development of the reconditioning process is an integral part of the development phase, alongside the actual product tests and calculating the cutting data. Strict rules apply: the FRAISA ReTool® process is approved only if we are able to fulfil our performance guarantee 100%.

FRAISA ReToolBlue – recycle rather than throw away

With our FRAISA ReToolBlue service, we recycle the valuable carbide from tools that can no longer be reconditioned.


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