The online cutting data calculator FRAISA ToolExpert® HDC - High Dynamic Cutting

Put the productivity-increasing HDC high-performance roughing strategy (trochoidal milling) into practice.

Toolexpert HDC

The HDC milling (High Dynamic Cutting) is a high-performance rough machining strategy, which is characterised by constant cutting conditions. Consequently, the metal removal rate and the process reliability can be significantly increased. And at the same time the tool service life is increased!

CAM systems make the implementation of this strategy possible. However, the corresponding cutting data was not available up to now. This gap has been filled by the new FRAISA ToolExpert HDC from FRAISA!

Use the online cutting data calculator FRAISA ToolExpert HDC without having to download any software!

Start FRAISA ToolExpert® HDC Watch the tutorial here

FRAISA ToolExpert HDC Tutorial

More productive thanks to FRAISA HDC

Fraisa uses Fraisa HDC to provide the data for the high dynamic cutting strategy.

Machining processes can be accelerated using the HDC strategy, reducing the load on tools and making optimal use of the available machinery. Result: Greater productivity and increased efficiency, at significantly lower costs.

FRAISA provides you with the right tools, cutting data, and the application expertise to suit your machinery, and gives you advice on how to implement the FRAISA HDC high-speed cutting strategy.

For HDC machining, FRAISA provides:

  • FRAISA ToolExpert HDC: Online tool for calculating cutting data for high dynamic cutting
  • High-performance tools that fulfil the requirements for HDC machining
  • Seminars to teach the implementation of HDC strategies

Advantages of FRAISA HDC:

  • Faster machining times and higher productivity due to higher cutting speeds and feed rates
  • Constant metal removal rate and constant cutting conditions during the machining process increase process reliability
  • Gentle, rounded tool paths and constant machining temperatures at the cutting edge protect the tool against wear, thereby increasing tool life and reducing tool costs
  • Strategy and application data can be adapted to the machinery available: optimal utilisation of machinery with optimal machining, even of delicate components
  • Improved optimisation: due to high process reliability and longer tool life

5 elements for a safe and efficient HDC process:


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