Updated FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 and FRAISA ToolExpert® MFC US

FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 now with imperial tool sizes & New Updates for FRAISA ToolExpert MFC

As part of an extensive optimization campaign for the US market, we have now added all imperial tool sizes to the cutting data calculator FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0. All functions and processes in the application have been adapted to work with imperial tool sizes. In addition, Tool Expert 2.0 has been further upgraded to include the data from our FRAISA ToolExpert HDC, FRAISA ToolExpert HelixRamp and FRAISA ToolExpert MFC applications. These measures now provide FRAISA’s customers in the USA with the perfect platform to quickly and easily find the cutting data you need.

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The FRAISA ToolExpert MFC cutting data software for MB-NVDS milling cutters with central air and cooling channel has also been extensively revised. The cutting data and information for all tools has been updated and new products have been added to the range.

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