High-Performance Milling Tools 2019 +
Carbide Drills and Thread-Cutting Tools 2019/20 Catalogues

Two new catalogs are now available!

The new „High-Performance Milling Tools 2019“ catalog shows you at a glance how much changes at FRAISA in the space of just 12 months.

The focus of this catalog is on micro cutters. We have added 108 new dimensions to our established and highly effective MicroX milling program. It now includes 500 tools that allow very precise adjustment to every machining application.

One highlight is our new MicroHX tool family comprising 56 products for high-hard steel materials. The tools, which set completely new benchmarks in terms of performance, are highly impressive thanks to the patent-pending micro design of their cutting edge.

In addition, 94 additional tools from the MicrospheroXG and MicrotoroXG families are now available for graphite chip removal – in new lengths and diameters. In total, more than 200 different dimensions are now available in the 3xd to 20xd range.

The new Carbide Drills and Thread-Cutting Tools 2019/20 catalog also shows you our wide range of tools and products, and gives you a detailed overview of FRAISA’s extensive product range that helps you work more easily and efficiently.

Simply find out for yourself what new tools and possibilities we can offer you right now.


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