Corona Info

Refraining from Participating at Trade Fairs

Dear fairgoers,

Trade fairs have always been and still are a wonderful opportunity for us to welcome you on our booth, to inform you about our products and developments and to intensify our valuable and valued cooperation with you in the long term.

Only a few weeks ago, we would never have dreamed of canceling our participation at trade fairs.

The coronavirus, COVID-19, currently represents an incalculable risk for us and our employees. It is a highly virulent virus, the transmission methods are not fully understood, the incubation period is very long, and the virus has now also become a European problem. Just a single symptom-free carrier of the coronavirus could have far-reaching consequences for our company and ultimately for yours, too – namely, if we had to temporarily shut down our company due to an infection. The potential damage that could be caused by an infection with the virus would outweigh by far the benefits of participating at a fair.

Under no circumstances do we want to endanger the health of our employees or run the risk of not being able to supply you with the products you require. For this reason, we have decided to refrain from participating at trade fairs until at least the end of April 2020.

We hope and trust that you understand our reasons for taking this decision. We do so in the interest of our customers, employees, and families.

Of course, it goes without saying that we would be pleased to visit you on your premises or to welcome you to our own offices.

Kind regards,

Thomas Nägelin (Director Sales and Marketing/Member of the Executive Board),
Bellach, February 25, 2020