Microcut – Smart design

[ 2 ] Microcut – focuses on the essentials FRAISA’s new Microcut tools offer the perfect solution for every challenge faced when the cost of machining materials in the hardness range up to 55 HRC has to be kept low. This generation of Microcut microtools guarantees cost-effective machining of two- and three- dimensional contours in mold and tool making, as well as in medical technology and the watch industry. The tools have been developed in order to expand FRAISA’s port- folio to include an alternative, extremely economical tool for machining steels and non-ferrous alloys. The clincher: The design of these Microcut milling cutters is minimalist, which has resulted in increased stability. The new ellipsoid technology has opened up completely new design horizons in the production of Microcut tools. A perfect example of how to combine economy in pro- duction and performance in application. The geometry of the tool has been minimized to focus on the basic functional elements. The shank diameter of d2 = 4 mm, with a tolerance of h4, also ensures greater precision and stable milling performance. This specially developed geometry also offers the advan- tage that even extremely small-diameter tools can be produced precisely using laser technology. There are no process forces that prevent tight tolerances, like when grinding. Concentricity errors are reduced to a minimum with this manufacturing process. As a result, all diameters d1 < 1 mm of Microcut milling cutter are produced with a laser. Cylindrical, 2−2.5D applications • Lateral edging • Slot cutting • Finishing Toric, 2−3D applications • Roughing layer by layer • Contour-parallel machining Spherical, 3D applications • Roughing layer by layer • Contour-parallel machining