HX and XSpeed-H define new horizons for high-hard steels

100 % 70 % 90 % 80 % 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. FRAISA ReTool® – Industrial tool reconditioning with performance guarantee FRAISA ReTool® offers an all-round service that restores your used tools to their original performance level and optimizes your processes. FRAISA and third-party tools are reconditioned using the very latest technology – and in a resource-friendly way. The outcome: mint-condition tools as productive as they were the first day they were used. And to make things even better, your level of investment is lower than if you were to buy new tools, you increase your productivity and you save costs. FRAISA ReTool® – a performance guarantee founded on integrated development of the tools and the reconditioning process We guarantee that following their reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool® , your used tools will be restored to the original performance level they had when new. Our ability to provide this performance guarantee is a priority of our team of experts right from very early on in product devel- opment. That’s why the development of the reconditioning process is an integral part of the development phase, alongside the actual product tests and calculating the cutting data. Strict rules apply: the FRAISA ReTool® process is approved only if we are able to fulfil our performance guarantee 100%. FRAISA ReToolBlue – recycle rather than throw away With our FRAISA ReToolBlue service, we recycle the valuable carbide from tools that can no longer be reconditioned. FRAISA ReTool® makes economic sense for you, too: After reconditioning them, we return your tools to you in mint condition. We restore them to their original performance level at a price that’s more cost-effective for you than purchasing new ones or reconditioning them by hand. Video on our service product: FRAISA ReTool® Over 30 years’ experience in tool reconditioning: Our competence center in Germany is Europe’s largest service center for carbide milling tools. 100% performance – guaranteed Industrial reconditioning with FRAISA ReTool® Reconditioning by hand with fluctuating performance Performance Number of times tools reconditioned New purchase FRAISA ReTool® FRAISA ReTool® FRAISA ReTool® New purchase Reconditioning by hand Reconditioning by hand Reconditioning by hand Benefits of FRAISA ReTool® COSTS- SAVINGS SATISFACTION TRUST SUBSTANCE RETENTION RESOURCE- FRIENDLY PERFORMANCE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE RELIABILITY [ 3 ]