Xtap – one tap for everything

[ 3 ] 3 1 4 2 5 The Xtap thread tap covers metric threads (M) and has been designed for tapping threads in through and blind holes. This tool family has undergone further development work targeting its use specifically in CNC machines. The main applications of the universal Xtap taps are in steel materials as well as stainless and acid-resistant steel materials. We recommend that you use the taps in synchronous collet chuck holders in order to obtain optimum performance. Optimized chip space geometry • Dependable chip flow and chip formation Defined microgeometry • Cutting edge rounded as a function of the dimensions Optimized spiral point • Reduced forces during thread tapping HSS-PM/F cutting material • High wear resistance with optimum rigidity FRAISA-AlCrTiN • Wear-resistant thanks to high coating hardness as well as reduced process temperature owing to smooth surfaces 1 2 3 4 5 Tips: Xtap The technologies Geometry, substrate, and coating – all elements of the new tap are tuned to provide high performance levels and the greatest possible degree of universality. By coordinating the individual technologies to create a holistic system, we have succeeded in making the Xtap a truly high-performance tool. The technologies of the universal tap Xtap The combination of individual features – such as a perfectly coordinated HSS-PM/F, optimized geometry parameters like the flute and spiral point, defined rounding of the cut- ting edge, and innovative FRAISA-AlCrTiN hard coating – results in a unique tool design.