FRAISA E-Cut – the versatile range

[ 2 ] The versatile tools of the FRAISA E-Cut range can be used to machine various materials without any problems. You can also rely on these robust and easy-cutting tools in autonomous production – they guarantee both smooth running and low power consumption . FRAISA E-Cut also saves you valuable time when selecting the right cutting parameters. ToolExpert E-Cut quickly and easily finds verified cutting data that has been tested in more than 1,000 test cycles. FRAISA E-Cut is available in three different lengths, with between 3 and 5 flutes, and also as a finishing tool. This provides you with a versatile range of products that can be used for a wide variety of machining operations and offer sustainability and cost- efficiency. The tools, cutting data, and application range of FRAISA E-Cut are perfectly coordinated. Put your trust in the excel- lent quality of these new FRAISA tools and benefit from their ease of use, reliable performance, and cost- effective versatility. The FRAISA E-Cut milling concept combines a very wide range of applica- tions with precisely calculated and verified application data. This makes the tools extremely easy to work with. With just a few clicks, ToolExpert delivers perfectly coordinated cutting data. The verified application data guarantee long tool life with high stock removal rates. Simply easy to use! FRAISA E-Cut – easy to use, highly effective, and extremely economical The benefits: Excellent cost-performance ratio: • Great performance at an attractive price • Flexibility and speed in the production process • Easy to handle, safe and reliable Additional benefits through innovative services: • Best possible performance thanks to the ToolExpert cutting data calculator • Service tools available: FRAISA ReTool ® tool reconditioning and FRAISA ReToolBlue tool recycling Smart range structure: • Diameters between 1/16” and 3/4” (1 mm and 20 mm) • Three different lengths: standard, medium-long, and extra-long 5.2xd • Number of flutes: z3, z4, and z5 • Finishing cutters with up to z8