AX-FPS – new performance horizons

[ 2 ] Maximum performance and minimal power consumption = extreme cost reduction! With AX-FPS , FRAISA is presenting a groundbreaking tool concept for aluminum machining. The new AX-FPS milling cutter opens up new performance horizons in the field of aluminum machining. The nearly perfect coordination between dampening and cutting ability ensures reduced power consumption and torque input by the spindle and guarantees a long service life and maximum process reliability. Additionally, all specifically developed cutting data for the extremely powerful AX-FPS tools are stored in ToolExpert. AX-FPS is a contoured roughing tool with a 20° cutting angle and a helix angle of 30°. The specially designed flutes are ground to a mirror finish and precisely designed damping surfaces are attached at the curved and end cutting edges. These geometric features form a very easy-cut tool concept and guarantee a low-vibration and safe milling process with previously unattained material removal rates per unit of time. The benefits Maximum performance with minimal spindle load Maximum productivity – low costs High process reliability Guaranteed chip removal thanks to mirror-finish grinding, a central cooling channel, and contoured cutting edge Lower energy consumption per area of material milled Extremely easy cutting ToolExpert ® Cutting data for all new AX-FPS tools At least 2xd to 5.2xd length of cutting edge High infeed rates, reliable chip removal, and low axial extraction force Ideal life cycle With FRAISA ToolCare ® tool management, ToolLab application training and FRAISA ReTool ® tool reconditioning AX-FPS tools are equipped with the FRAISA high-performance penetration edge and central cooling channel bore. The tools are finely balanced and have a short shank with smooth transitions. All of these technologies increase the reliability and productivity of the AX-FPS tools to an unparalleled level of performance!