FRAISA ToolChampions

FRAISA ToolChampions

FRAISA ToolChampions

FRAISA ToolChampions

FRAISA and young people: A team with a future

Polymechanics, micromechanics, production mechanics on your marks:
"FRAISA ToolChampions" is looking for the most talented young Swiss trainees in high-precision metalworking.

Who are the best in the country?

Every year for more than 30 years, over 1,000 trainees have taken up this challenge.

The challenge is a real, selective test:
On the basis of a set drawings, a perfect workpiece must be manufactured by means of milling, drilling and thread cutting.

All candidates have equal opportunities:
Materials and tools are provided by FRAISA.

Wer sind die Besten im Land?

A lot of fame, a lot of honour, and a lot of prize money

On one hand there is the competition, and on the other the prize money of 60,000 Swiss Francs.

There are prizes in two stages: First, prizes are awarded for the best workpieces from each region, in the categories "conventional machining" and "CNC machining";

Second, of the regional winners, the national overall winners are picked for each category. Those placed third each receive 1000 Swiss Francs, and those placed second each receive 1200 Swiss Francs.

The two best-of-the-best, the "FRAISA ToolChampions", each win a car for a year, including road tax and full comprehensive insurance.

The decision

The jury

While the first selection stage is handled by the training supervisors, the final decision is made by external experts.

After work is finished, the party

All participants and their trainers are invited to Bellach SO for the grand prize-giving ceremony at the FRAISA headquarters. The festive occasion includes a tour of the facilities, drinks, lunch, and the announcement of the awards.

Zum festlichen Anlass gehören Betriebsbesichtigung, Apéro, Mittagessen und Rangverkündigung.

Photos from the 33rd FRAISA ToolChampions competition

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FRAISA ToolChampions 2019/20
06 June 2020
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