FRAISA ToolSchool

More than 1,500 customers worldwide attend the Fraisa ToolSchool every year

We train customers in our training centre, right by the machines - and demonstrate state-of-the-art cutting tool technology. For high-efficiency, greater safety and cost-saving processes.

Transfer of know-how by instruction and training

No-one is born a master in a trade, even in high-tech industries: knowledge has to be acquired, new technologies have to be learnt and new ideas tested.
Once and many times again.

Therefore, Fraisa not only produces tools, it also educates users in its modern ToolSchool, on how to use them most effectively. What the latest technologies are and what measures can be taken to improve customers' production processes and reduce costs.

Because it is absolutely key in an increasingly competitive market to be faster, better and more cost-effective..


A service from us, and a tool for you.


More than 1,500 customers worldwide attend the Fraisa ToolSchool every year.

Not only do we train people who use our tools in their business every day but also Fraisa sales partners, who individually receive information and instruction on our latest tools and strategies so that they in-turn can pass this know-how to their customers.

Courses are held in German, French, English and Italian.

As always, all seminars are held in Switzerland (Bellach).

Profit for professionals. Taught by professionals.

Times are changing at a furious pace, and so are materials, machines and methods. This makes continuous professional development a priority. Exchanges with professional colleagues are essential. Progress requires us to relate theory to practice.

In the Fraisa technology seminars, engineers with top qualifications train the specialists and managerial staff of specific areas of industry.

Watchmakers, for example, learn about the latest developments in micro-milling technology and how to use them; representatives of the aviation industry, on the other hand, learn all about hard material surfaces and how to utilise them.


First work. Then pleasure.


When you are learning and absorbing a lot of information, you need an alert mind. Recreation and relaxation are therefore particularly important after the exertions of the ToolSchool.

We cater for your needs. We organise travel and accommodation, plan a leisure programme on request, show you the town and surrounding area, and ensure you are well looked after.

At the end of the course or seminar you will receive a personal certificate confirming your participation.