FRAISA ReTool®Blue

Recycling for effective
Tool2Tool sustainability


Tool2Tool recycling


Environmental effect
and resource conservation


Regional circular


Reliable prices that are
in line with the market


Integration into




FRAISA ReTool®Blue

Recycling of tools that can no longer be reconditioned closes the raw material cycle

Convenient processing with recyclable packaging and logistics provided and organized by FRAISA

Closed product-related raw material cycle: Tools become tools

Valuable contribution to reducing the environmental impact during tool manufacturing

FRAISA ReTool®Blue pricing

The price of HM recycling is 14,00 Euro/kg., 13,70 CHF/kg.

This price will apply from 01.05.2024 through 30.06.2024 and will then be recalculated in line with the prevailing raw material prices.

The price in CHF is adjusted monthly based on the current exchange rate.

We will gladly send you a FRAISA ReTool®Blue-Box free of charge for shipping your used tools. Just leave your contact details and we will take care of the rest:

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Tool2Tool -
Tools become tools

Recycling at its best: With our service FRAISA ReTool®Blue, we close the product-related raw material cycle. In this way, we ensure that tools become tools again.

Environmental effect and resource conservation

In the manufacture of carbide tools, the raw ma terial is an important factor in terms of its impact on the environment. The prevention of land filling and down-cycling is decisive for resource conservation.


Integration into the FRAISA ReTool® reconditioning service

We sort out tools at the end of their life cycle for you and feed them into FRAISA ReTool®Blue after your approval. This eliminates the expense and environ mental impact of multiple shipments and additional handling throughout the entire supply chain.

Regional circular economy

In close partnership with regional raw material suppli ers, we feed the carbides back into the raw material cycle. The worn tools are processed into carbide pow der, which is used to make sintered carbide rods and, in the end, new carbide tools.

Reliable prices that are in line with the market

The remuneration for FRAISA ReTool®Blue recycling is based on the market prices of the raw materials. These are regularly adjusted and published. This pro vides prices within the recycling process that are in line with the market but also stable.

Convenient processes

We provide you with environmentally friendly recy clable packaging and organize logistics and transport. We do not require purchase orders, delivery notes and order papers.


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