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Our FRAISA ReTool®Services

Cost- and resource-saving service offer with performance guarantee

Living the circular economy for precision tools – made by FRAISA: The three sustainable offers of the FRAISA ReTool®Services extend the tool life cycle and improve the carbon footprint of your processes. With this resource- saving service offer, we as a manufacturer and you as a customer both make a decisive contribution to reducing the environmental impact. At the same time you reduce your processing costs.

By using the industrial FRAISA ReTool® tool reconditioning service, you benefit from the FRAISA performance guarantee. Reaching the original tool performance again ensures the efficiency of your production. Furthermore, reconditioning will bring significant cost savings compared to buying new tools – you get a new tool at a reduced price.

With our FRAISA ReTool®Green service, you can buy tools reconditioned by us at an attractive price, thus continuing the use of these tools. If your tools can no longer be reconditioned, we close the tool cycle for you with FRAISA ReTool®Blue. With our Tool2Tool recycling, we ensure that these tools become new blanks.

Thanks to our convenient all-round service package, your organizational and logistical efforts are reduced to a minimum for all measures – allowing you to continue focusing on the essentials.

Benefits for you when using the FRAISA ReTool®Services:

  • Guaranteed performance of the tool, which is as good as new after reconditioning, for efficient production
  • Simple, convenient and time-saving service
  • Significant cost savings compared to buying new tools
  • Remuneration for the return of used tools
  • Active contribution to the recycling of relevant raw materials and to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the metalworking industry
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