Industrial tool reconditioning with
performance guarantee



Industrial tool reconditioning with
performance guarantee

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FRAISA - Your expert for tool reconditioning

FRAISA ReTool® is our efficient, all-round service for the industrial reconditioning of your FRAISA and third-party tools.

Using the latest technologies, we recondition and restore them to their original performance level – guaranteed. By taking advantage of this service, you not only significantly optimize your processes, but also reduce your costs.

You can rely on us totally. Our competence center in Germany is Europe’s largest service center for carbide tools – with over 30 years’ experience in tool reconditioning, state-of-the-art CNC grinding machines and our own systems for cutting-edge preparation and coating. To date, 5.5 million tools have been reconditioned here – and some 340,000 are being added to this figure every year.

We would be very pleased if you also start to send us your tools.

FRAISA – Your partner for process cost optimization.
Our services for you:

Process optimization through teamwork
  • Optimizing service life
  • Jointly tailoring your requirements to our processes – you control our production through your FRAISA ReTool® specification
  • Analising the condition of your tools
Cost optimization through teamwork
  • Optimizing the entire tool life cycle
  • Identifying cost potentials
  • Carrying out quick checks (assessing potential) and cost-benefit analysis (qualitative evaluation)

FRAISA ReTool®-capable tools

  • Tools from all manufacturers
  • Rotary cutting tools
  • Core competence – carbide (milling tools, drills, thread-cutting tools)
  • Special tools (also manufactured from drawings)
  • Dimensions: Diameters from 1 to 200 mm, lengths up to 500 mm, other dimensions on request
  • Processing time: 3 weeks

FRAISA ReTool® – All-round service to restore original performance

FRAISA ReTool® – It pays off

How reconditioning pays off for you

As they wear, your tools lose more and more of their performance capability. That’s why it’s important for productivity and product quality in your company to replace tools in good time. With our FRAISA ReTool® service, we offer you the ideal solution – both for FRAISA tools and third-party tools. Our industrial reconditioning service allows us to supply you with ‘mint-conditioned’ tools for your production processes quickly and cost-effectively.

We help you optimize your tools’ machining time

We are more than happy to help you determine the ideal moment to send your tools for reconditioning – by means of a quick check and costbenefit analysis. In this way, you avoid unnecessary costs resulting from sending tools that are still productive, too soon for reconditioning. At the same time, you avoid having to purchase new tools sooner than otherwise necessary, as a consequence of disproportionately high wear due to waiting it too long.

FRAISA ReTool® – Cost savings through reproducible 100% performance

We restore to the original performance level

If you have your tools reconditioned “by hand”, it’s only cheaper than industrial processing at first sight. A low-quality reconditioning process that is not optimally tailored to your tools, can even turn out to be more expensive for you than buying new tools. “Manual” reconditioning cannot guarantee reliable and consistent tool quality. Fluctuations in the quality leads to unstable process parameters, so that your machining output has to be cut back for safety reasons. That’s because as soon as the efficiency of your tool can no longer be restored, the nominal parameters can also no longer be used. This leads to rising production costs.

FRAISA ReTool® allows you to make cost savings compared with manual reconditioning. Thanks to industrially consistent reproduction, the original performance level is achieved and your tool is as productive after reconditioning as it was the first day it was used. This reliable tool quality guarantees production reliability and stable machine performance and output.

You can be sure that your reconditioned tool will achieve its maximum service life with 100% performance while featuring the same degree of process reliability as a new tool. FRAISA guarantees this through its state-of-the-art, multi-axis grinding machines, coating and cutting-edge preparation systems, up-to-the-minute measuring technology and the many years of experience enjoyed by our reconditioning specialists.

FRAISA ReTool® – Cost savings through maximum material retention

We maximize the number of reconditioning cycles

Each tool wears differently. That’s why we recondition each tool individually. In precise terms, this means that we preserve as much material as possible – and remove as little as is necessary to restore the original performance level.

FRAISA ReTool® consequently enables each of your tools to be reconditioned several times and extends its overall service life. At the same time, it pushes back the moment at which buying a new tool becomes unavoidable.

Cost savings
Process optimization

FRAISA ReTool® – Exploit the numerous advantages without risk

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