FRAISA ReToolServices®

FRAISA ReToolServices®

With the cost- and resource-friendly FRAISA ReToolServices® FRAISA is living the circular economy for precision tools. Using the three service offers reduces the environmental impact for both manufacturers and customers, reduces process costs and saves organizational and logistics effort.

The industrial tool reconditioning service FRAISA ReTool® sichert die guarantees that tools are restored to their original tool performance with the FRAISA performance guarantee. By reusing a reconditioned tool, it causes 50–80% less CO2 emissions and is up to 70% cheaper than buying a new tool.

If tools can no longer be reconditioned, we feed them into the recycling process using FRAISA ReTool®Blue and thus close the raw material cycle. With this Tool2Tool concept, we ensure that tools become tools again.

The new solution for used tools: FRAISA ReTool®Green allows the reconditioning of used tools from customers who do not wish to use FRAISA ReTool® for any reason. FRAISA buys these tools, reconditions them and sells them to customers that need them with the FRAISA performance guarantee.

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