Press Release for EMO Hanover 2017

New products and innovations:
FRAISA at the EMO in Hanover
from 18.09. – 23.09.2017 in hall 5, stand E10

As the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking industry, EMO Hanover covers the full bandwidth of production engineering. The FRAISA stand (Stand E10 in Hall 5) will give visitors to the exhibition a chance to find out everything they need to know about the comprehensive portfolio of products, services and innovations this manufacturer of highperformance milling cutters has to offer them.

New FRAISA products at the trade fair:

ArCut X Circular Arc Milling Cutter

The new ArCut X cutter lets you make brilliant surfaces in next to no time. This makes it the perfect finishing tool whenever an excellent surface quality is demanded – with the added bonus of time savings of up to 90% compared with ball nose end milling, too.

ArCut X is a circular arc milling cutter whose curved surface area has a radius of curvature of up to 1,000 mm. Thanks to this large radius of curvature, it’s possible to realise larger step-over distances without any significant impact on the theoretical scallop height. The result is highly precise surfaces with brilliant surface characteristics that can minimise the amount of time spent polishing. As the tip of the ArCut X milling cutter has a perfectly spherical form, it also offers all of the plus points of a robust ball nose end mill.

As such, FRAISA’s innovative ArCut X tool concept integrates great finishing performance with almost perfect surface qualities and is therefore an exceedingly interesting tool concept for flat component surfaces.

The advantages of the ArCut X cutter compared with conventional ball nose end mills are enormous:

  • A very much larger step-over distance is possible
  • Undesirable step effects are avoided
  • The short tool results in high stability and less vibration
  • Time savings of up to 90% compared with ball nose end milling

Bottom line: The ArCut X concept saves a huge amount of time and money!

Multi-functional Cutting MFC The solution for easy-cut and highly dynamic applications

Each of the already launched MFC tools of the multi-functional MB-NVDS family enables up to 96 different applications to be handled. This significantly reduces not only inventory and machine setup costs, but also tool change times. As a result, users can cut their production costs long-term.

Thanks to the popularity of MB-NVDS (MFC) tools in the market, the tool family has been expanded. While the MB-NVDS tools already available are exhibiting excellent performance in finishing and conventional HPC roughing operations, the new family members are focused on HDC (High Dynamic Cutting), which offers greater productivity and process reliability compared with HPC milling.

These new MFC tools, with their robust cutting edge geometry, are ideally suited to penetrating and milling out the component using the entire length of the cutting edge. Machining forces, power consumption and torque input are reduced thanks to soft and low-vibration cutting. Thanks to the redesigned double groove and continuous polished teeth, it is now possible to absorb greater thermal and mechanical loads during HDC trochoidal machining.

The new MB-NVDS 5.2xd version can be used to make deep holes and to achieve extremely high material removal rates when HDC-S milling.

FRAISA ToolExpert MFC Upgrade

The FRAISA ToolExpert MFC software developed specifically for the MFC family has been updated with the many new applications possible and now provides an outstanding overview of the broad range of uses of this truly unique MB-NVDS (MFC) tool family. Comprehensive cutting data has been compiled for the new MB-NVDS-MFC milling cutters and incorporated into the upgraded version of FRAISA ToolExpert MFC. With just a few clicks, you can select the material, application and tool and obtain the parameters that need to be programmed for your machine control or CAM system.

FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0

FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 will be available online – just like the versions of FRAISA ToolExpert for HDC, HelixRamp and MFC. So there’ll be no need to download it. A new feature of FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 is that, unlike its predecessor, it’s now platform-independent. All that you need to work with FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 is an up-todate browser. In addition to the technical update, the latest version of FRAISA ToolExpert has also been redesigned to make it even more user-friendly. Apart from that, FRAISA ToolExpert 2.0 has the same functions as the tried-and tested version before it.

High-performance milling tools catalog – New products in 2017

The new 2017 mini catalog for FRAISA’s high-performance milling tools contains three new MFC tools in the three variants: “standard,” “medium-long,” and “extra-long 5.2xd.” In addition, there’s also a newcomer in the Multicut XF tool family: a long finishing tool. All in all, then, 4 new tools that encompass 56 new items.

The catalogue is valid from 01 October, 2017.

For more information, please contact your FRAISA contact person or contact us via our Contact form.

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