The new XFeed – High-feed Productivity

XFeed – cycle start, walk away The advantages • Shorter throughput time From raw material to very close to the final contour in one process – workpieces can be machined efficiently and throughput times dras - tically reduced • Productivity increase Increased chip removal rates resulting from maximum feed rates and suitable tool designs • Easy programming Cutting and CAD data for CAM programming is avail - able in FRAISA ToolExpert® • Optimum automation thanks to reliable and stable application With its new XFeed milling cutter, FRAISA has found the perfect solu - tion for high-feed machining of medium- to high-strength steels. The new edge geometry facilitates maxi - mum feed rates with higher axial infeeds for High Feed Cutting (HFC) processes. This means XFeed enables you to benefit from very high chip removal rates that cannot be achieved with conventional HFC tool concepts. Thanks to the very stable and low-vibration design, combined with precisely verified cutting data, machining processes can be carried out safely and autonomously with the new XFeed . The family of XFeed tools is available in three different lengths of 3xd, 4.5xd and 6xd long, allowing it to cover a wide range of applications. The carbide used is characterized by precisely matched degrees of robust - ness and hardness. In combination with the proven X-AL coating, this leads to excellent performance and a long tool life. The new shape of the cutting edge is predestined for use in highly dynamic machining processes. However, excellent chip removal rates can also be achieved on machines that are less dynamic. A central cooling channel ideally supports chip removal and is available in tools with a diameter of 6 mm or greater. [ 2 ]