SX – High Dynamic Cutting HDC

[ 2 ] With its multi-tooth SX high-performance milling cutters , FRAISA has developed a completely new milling series designed specifically for machining all stainless steels and difficult-to-machine materials. The tool technologies and application data have been specifically configured for penetration and high-performance High Dynamic Cutting (HDC) machining. SX high-performance milling cutters for HDC – perfectly coordinated and extremely potent • Outstanding cost-performance ratio - Chip removal rate (+20%), tool life (+30%), repeat accuracy and reliability - FRAISA ToolCare ® tool management, FRAISA ReTool ® tool reconditioning, and FRAISA ReToolBlue tool recycling • Two different lengths with catalog cutting data - Diameters ranging between 6 mm and 20 mm - Two different lengths: standard and medium-long, with enlarged cutting edge lengths • Wide range of workpiece material applications - For replacing existing applications and as a solution for new applications - Low force producing tools for dependable use in demanding applications • Perfection – FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 - Cutting performance data and upgraded material table - Quick, simple, and reliable cutting-data search function - Automatic data transfer to CAM The advantages The tough, abrasive materials result in the cutting edges being subject to extremely high thermal and mechanical loads. The number of cutting edges has been increased so that the load is distributed over more teeth and the service life of the tools can be significantly extended. As a result, you benefit from high productivity and a long tool life by choosing to use the new SX tools . With the new DURO-XI coating, stainless steels and nick- el-based alloys, which effectuate the highest thermal as well as abrasive loads on the cutting edges, are able to be machined. Thanks to their optimized flute geometry and extremely light and low-vibration cut, SX milling cutters enable you to achieve the highest stock removal rates. Also new: the high-performance penetration edge for multiple flutes enables rapid penetration – actively supported by the central cooling channel bore at the center of the end face. The new chip breaker concept additionally ensures that no machining zones or machine spaces are blocked by long chips. Parallel to developing the tools, we also compiled the necessary application knowledge. FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 provides you with perfectly coordinated cutting data to ensure optimum tool use. Prerequisite for utilizing this out- standing tool technology is a CAM system that facilitates HDC programming.