Xtap – one tap for everything

[ 2 ] The advantages: Ideal cost-performance ratio • High performance (+20%), long tool life (+30%) Two versions • Through hole and blind hole • Diameters from M2 to M24 Wide range of material applica- tions • For replacing existing tools and as a solution for new applications • Maximum performance thanks to the perfect combination of tool type and cutting data Universal geometry • Optimized chip-space and cutting-edge geometries guar- antee ideal chip flow even with different materials and cutting parameters • Perfectly defined and coordinated cutting edge rounding guarantees process reliability Productivity • Cost efficiency thanks to universal application • Reduced tool costs thanks to the wide range of applications • Catalog cutting data for a wide range of applications in various materials As a universal tool for thread tapping, the Xtap combines maximum process reliability with maximum universality. This wide range of material applica- bility reduces the number of tools required and at the same time offers you the benefit of increased efficien- cy. The combination of proven FRAISA technologies like the stable cutting geometry and innovative features such as the newly designed chip space geometry guarantees reliable application in the thread-cutting process. Thanks to the innovative coating known as FRAISA-AlCrTiN , steels, stainless steels, and also acid-resistant steels can be machined with maximum process reliability. The capabilities of the Xtap are demonstrated by its applicability in a wide variety of materials. In addition to high process reliability, superior results can also be achieved in terms of thread quality. As well as developing the tool, our engineers also examined the process behavior of the Xtap very closely. Extensive tests were performed to determine exact application data, which can be found in the catalog. Maximum process reliability and a long tool life are the outcome, which in turn results directly in increased cost-effectiveness. Xtap – the perfectly coordinated system for maximum performance, tool life, and process reliability when tapping threads. Xtap – Six-axis grinding technology opens up new geometry horizons for maximum universality With the Xtap , FRAISA is launching a fundamentally new design of universal tap that’s based on state-of-the-art grinding technology. The Xtap has been specially developed for use in CNC machines for tapping threads in through and blind holes.