Designed to run – the new Favora® tool concept

[ 2 ] High-performance technologies for the Favora® class The advantages: • Outstanding cost-effectiveness 50% longer tool life than the previous Favora® tools • Comprehensive range with catalog and cutting data in FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 Diameters ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm; two differ- ent lengths: standard and medium-long • New application areas for HDC machining – cutting data in FRAISA ToolExpert® 2.0 • Ideal life cycle with FRAISA ToolCare® tool manage- ment, FRAISA ReTool® tool reconditioning, and FRAISA ReToolBlue tool recycling The Favora® class stands for maximum cost-effectiveness. By cleverly integrating the very latest production technologies, we have succeeded in extending tool life by 50% compared to the predecessor model without increasing production costs. Trust is important to FRAISA. The new Favora® tool portfolio has been tested intensively under real-life conditions in a wide range of materials and with a wide variety of application parameters. In this way, we were able to determine perfect cutting data – which you can call up in FRAISA ToolExpert®. Another new feature: The optimized geometry of these tools now also allows you to follow the High Dynamic Cutting strategies HDC-S and HDC-P. The new milling concept, for diameters between 1 mm and 20 mm, can cover a very wide range of applications and components. After use, the tools can be restored to their original condition and performance capabilities by the FRAISA ReTool® reconditioning service. This FRAISA service has also been validated by the test center, which conducted appropriate machining tests. The new Favora® tools stand out thanks to their great universality , performance, and tool life – making them unbeatably economical.