FRAISA ToolCare®

The new ToolCare® 2.1

FRAISA ToolCare<sup>®</sup>

FRAISA ToolCare®

The new ToolCare® 2.1


FRAISA ToolCare®刀具管理系统

With the new tool management system ToolCare® the tools utilized in the production facility can be stored in a clearly organized manner and efficiently managed.

What is ToolCare®?

Service that pays

Optimum quality, innovative products and a comprehensive range of services define the scope of support available from FRAISA – for maximum customer benefit. In this context, our support services are not just supplements, but offer tangible and verifiable advantages to our customers, which literally "pay off".

All under control with ToolCare® 2.1

Productivity in your company can be significantly increased with ToolCare® 2.1, the new and comprehensive tool management system from FRAISA. To this end, our computer-aided, fully automated tool management system provides you with your individually selected range of tools.

With ToolCare® 2.1, the tools utilised in the production facility can be stored in a clearly organised manner, and efficiently managed. The FRAISA tool cabinet has labelled drawers and tools to ensure secure, clean and orderly storage of your equipment at all times. Errors are thereby avoided and work processes accelerated.

Web-based Version 2.1 for even more options

The new Version 2.1 additionally offers even more options, thanks to the management of the tools via the computer cloud solution: The web-based monitoring of minimum inventory levels, with fully automated reordering of tools, ensures that the tools required for the production process are always available.

The web-based system allows an overview of inventory levels to be viewed at any time via the internet. Total transparency regarding tool consumption and hence the associated costs is guaranteed at all times. The automated reordering process also significantly reduces procurement costs.


ToolCare® 2.1 creates reliability, ensures transparency, saves time and reduces costs.


greater productivity and increased efficiency.

Your advantage with ToolCare® 2.1

  • Orderly, clean and secure storage
  • Optimised work processes
  • Precise overview of inventory levels
  • Fewer man-hours required for reordering and managing tools
  • Lower costs and greater productivity
  • Total transparency
  • Cost control and planning reliability
  • Optimised tool storage

ToolCare® 2.1 in detail

Operating the tool management system is user-friendly, fast and intuitive, even in 24/7 continuous operation.

Tools that are to be used only need to be swiped over the fixed barcode scanner installed. All data can be comfortably read from the 24" TFT monitor.

The individual user data and authorisations can optionally be read in with a single hand movement using RFID chip technology.

The clearly organised overview of inventory levels can be accessed at any time via the internet, displaying order requirements. The inventory process is made easier.

The computer-aided monitoring of minimum inventory levels with automated reordering of tools prevents downtime resulting from missing tools. Productivity is increased.

The automated tool-ordering process reduces time and personnel costs associated with the reordering and management of tools.

All tools are clearly sorted in a single cabinet at one location.

Even tools resharpened by FRAISA and tools from other suppliers can be effortlessly integrated using ToolCare® 2.1. All in a single system.

Resharpened and used tools from FRAISA and tools from other suppliers can also be readily integrated with ToolCare® 2.1. Everything in one system.

ToolCare® 2.1 is a web-based software application, and can therefore be used from any computer with the appropriate internet access and login data. The tool data is likewise securely stored on external servers.

In contrast to other solutions, the new type of cloud solution is not prone to faults. The loss of data is literally impossible.

In addition, ToolCare® 2.1 ensures fast support thanks to direct access for FRAISA Service.

ToolCare® 2.1 customers receive exclusive information and a reservation for a place at the seminars in the FRAISA ToolSchool.

From automatic drawers to individually lockable tools compartments, ToolCare® 2.1 offers even more ways to improve the work process.

Thanks to regular, detailed reporting according to a wide range of criteria, e.g. on an employee-specific or job-specific basis, transparency is guaranteed at all times regarding tool consumption. The tool costs can be clearly correlated to the cost centres. This facilitates the planning of future orders.

Flexible to meet special requirements

The ToolCare® 2.1 tool management system is modular and comprises various performance stages. The modules build on one another so that customers can add further modules to existing ones in order to match the functional scope of ToolCare® 2.1 to their own specific requirements.

The FRAISA tools are stored in a chest of drawers manufactured by Lista. The tools are supplied to the customer as a consignment inventory, and controlled by FRAISA.

The management of the tools takes place here using a cloud-based system solution from ToolCare® 2.1. Customers can access their tool management system from any available computer. Minimum inventory levels are subject to computer-aided monitoring, and tools are automatically reordered. Resharpened tools by FRAISA can also be managed using this system. An overview of inventory levels can be accessed via the internet. The evaluation statistics can be adapted to meet company-specific requirements.

This module supports the management of used tools that are still fit for use. The system helps you choose tools by listing the used tools that are available.

This module facilitates the storage and management of "non-FRAISA tools". Customers can also benefit from all the advantages of the FRAISA tool management system (e.g. preventing downtime, saving costs through automated ordering and inventory management) for tools from other suppliers.

This module enables electronically controlled access to LISTA cabinets with automatic drawers (LISTA Drawer Control, LDC) and to cabinets with individually lockable tool compartments (LISTA LPC). LISTA cabinets are sold to order and built in line with each individual customer’s own specific size requirements.

Efficiency potentials

Efficiency potentials ToolCare<sup>®</sup> 2.1

Calculate the cost savings

ToolCare® 2.1 helps companies reduce costs and increase productivity. ToolCare® 2.1 minimizes process and personnel costs, and optimises work processes. It reduces capital commitment, as it is only necessary to pay for the tools that are actually being used.

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