AX high-performance milling cutters

AX: Maximum performance and excellent component quality thanks to innovative technology The AX range of aluminum milling cutters has undergone continuous development by FRAISA during the last years. In the field of roughing technology, the AX-FPS has set new standards in terms of maximum performance and low power consumption . The cutters are equipped with a speciallly ground roughing profile and an internal cooling channel – ideal prerequisites for optimum chip removal. FRAISA ToolExpert ® ensures maximum productivity and safety in the respec- tive application thanks to perfect coordination of the tools and machine environment for cutting depths of up to 5.2xd. The basis of these new performance horizons is a supporting chamfer tech- nology patented by FRAISA . This involves forming a very highly polished (mirror-finish-ground), very finely coordinated chamfer at the curved and end cutting edges. This dampens any vibrations that occur and improves the milling properties in an impressive manner. This technology has now been de- veloped even further for the new AX high-performance finishing cutters . The supporting chamfer width changes variably from the end face to the side face – when milling thin-walled com- ponents, this facilitates minimal deflection while still providing excellent dampening. This innovative technology from FRAISA excites even expe- rienced users. For the first time, very thin, tall or long aluminum component walls can now be finished in one shot. This significantly reduces machin- ing time compared to convention- al layer-by-layer finishing and raises component quality to an unprec- edented level. Subsequent manual grinding operations to reduce the milled offsets can be completely eliminated and precise bores of the highest quality can be milled. With deep and toleranced pockets with small transition radii, high ac- curacy is also achieved in machine components. NEW TECHNOLOGY [ 2 ]