ArCut X – a smart solution for making
brilliant surfaces in next to no time

ArCut X – a smart solution for makingbrilliant surfaces in next to no time
ArCut X – a smart solution for makingbrilliant surfaces in next to no time

ArCut X – a smart solution for making
brilliant surfaces in next to no time

ArCut X is a productivity booster for finishing with excellent surface quality

Do you finish flat surfaces with a ball nose end mill? Do you ever wonder why the machining times are so long? Then we’ve got great news for you! The new ArCut X tool concept from FRAISA has arrived!

ArCut X is a conical end mill whose curved surface area has a radius of curvature of up to 1,000 mm. Thanks to this large radius of curvature, it’s possible to realise larger step-over distances without any signifi cant impact on the theoretical scallop height. The result is highly precise surfaces with brilliant surface characteristics that can minimise the amount of time spent polishing. As the tip of the ArCut X milling cutter has a perfectly spherical form, it also offers all of the plus points of a robust ball nose end mill.

As such, FRAISA’s innovative ArCut X tool concept integrates great finishing performance with almost perfect surface qualities and is therefore an exceedingly interesting tool concept for flat component surfaces.

The benefits

  • Lower costs:
    Great finishing performance and rapid machining
  • Lower tool costs:
    Low wear because a longer section of the cutting edge is engaged. The tools can be resharpened and recoated by our ReTool® service
  • High component quality:
    Low form tolerance of up to +/−5 μm on the cutter facilitates brilliant contour accuracy on the workpiece
  • Application:
    Exact and verified application parameters are available. The deliberately concise product portfolio covers a wide range of applications
  • CAM:
    Very simple and fast parametric input of tool geometry data in the CAM software (no .dxf files required)


With its ArCut X tool concept, FRAISA offers a range of conical end mills in various versions that covers a broad spectrum of finishing processes. In combination with the respective tool characteristics, the technologies facilitate a wide range of applications with a variety of materials.


OPEN MIND – hyperMILL® MAXX Machining innovative CAM strategies for finishing

Finishing in record time

Use of these tools demands a powerful CAM solution that fully exploits the potential of their geometry. The innovative finishing strategies of the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package emphasise the benefi ts of the conical circular arc cutter (aka conical barrel) in order to achieve excellent surfaces. The large radii at the curved cutting edge enable flat surfaces with greater step-over distances to be cut and huge time savings of up to 90%!

Optimum surfaces

The unique strategies of 5-axis tangent plane machining and 5-axis tangent machining facilitate high-effi ciency finishing of planes and free-form surfaces. Intelligent automated functions ensure optimum tool orientation and positioning, so that even hard-to-reach areas can be machined effi ciently and reliably. The special cutting geometry of the tool and the perfectly matched CAM strategies guarantee great surface qualities.

Simple programming

Programming in hyperMILL® is simple and user-friendly. All the operator has to do is click on the surface to be machined and the collison-free tool paths are automatically generated.


  • Short production times:
    time savings of up to 90%
  • Longer tool life
  • Optimum surfaces
  • Top productivity
  • Wide range of applications:
    Mould & Die making, aerospace, tyre moulds, turbine blades and impellers

ArCut X spherical and spherical, micro for finishing of steep slopes and radius areas

ArCut X toric and toric, integral for roughing of corners and finishing of steep areas

ArCut X spherical and toric for finishing of flat surfaces


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