New tools 2012 / II Milling

Dear Business Partner,

We are pleased to present the catalogue New tools 2012 / ll, Milling, a further expansion of our programme of milling tools.

Our design engineers have developed the new AX-RFP toric end mill, a powerful roughing tool for machining aluminium and copper. AX-RFP is characterised by its high metal removal rate and excellent wear properties.

In the area of steel, stainless steel and titanium our toric end mills NX-RNV, NX-RNVD and NF-RNV have new corner radii. In addition, we have introduced cylindrical milling tools with roughing profile NB-RP SupraCarb and NF-RP with 6 flutes.

These tools will be available from stock 01 November 2012.

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