Our new cutting data software – for optimum tool use

ToolExpert 2.0

ToolExpert is available online, so there’s no longer any need to download it. What’s more, it is platform-independent. All you need is an up-to-date browser. It has also been redesigned to make it even more user-friendly. The three applications ToolExpert MFC, ToolExpert HelixRamp and ToolExpert HDC are now integrated into ToolExpert. This means ToolExpert can be implemented even more flexibly and in a wider range of applications.

ToolExpert AX-FPS

The new ToolExpert AX-FPS gives FRAISA customers an innovative solution for defining cutting data that is specially tailored to their machine environment. High-performance roughing of aluminum alloys is not limited by the tool, but by the tool spindle and the machine environment. ToolExpert AX-FPS lets you clearly and simply describe your machine environment, making it easy to discover the most effective and reliable cutting data for your application. This new option, the only one of its kind on the market, offers our customers real added value and ensures a reduction in machining times and production costs. The functions incorporated into ToolExpert AX-FPS have been developed by recording over a thousand measuring points and guarantee highly productive and reliable system utilization. At the same time, capacity utilization of the milling cutter, the machine spindle and machine environment come as close as possible to maximum utilization.

ToolExpert ArCut X

ArCut X milling cutters were developed for finishing processes aimed at producing excellent surface quality. A variety of applications are possible for each of the five ArCut X tool types. The specially developed ToolExpert ArCut X is now a reliable aid to finding the perfect tool from the ArCut X family to suit the desired material and application. The clearly structured menu lets you select/read off the material, application, ArCut X tool type and the option “coated” or “uncoated”. Similarly, using ToolExpert ArCut X you can also find the corresponding cutting data for the selected tool. The phenomenal range of options offered by the ArCut X can therefore be exploited to the full, thanks to the specially developed cutting data calculator.

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