ToolExpert 1.10, ToolExpert HelixRamp and ToolExpert HDC with NVDS high-performance milling tools now available!

ToolExpert for safe tool use

The new version 1.10 of ToolExpert is now available, expanded to include the latest products featured in our catalogue High-Performance milling tools 2015/16. With it, you can access the extended technical application recommendations and cutting data for these products. Also, with just one click you can easily order the selected products from the E-Shop.

The new online cutting data calculator ToolExpert HelixRamp

With the new high-performance penetration edge, the NX-NVDS and NB-NVDS achieve a level of performance that facilitates peak productivity and process reliability in 7 dimensions!

The cutting data software ToolExpert HelixRamp was developed for the new high-performance tools.

The software can conveniently be started using the FRAISA website. With just a few clicks, you can defi ne the material, tool and penetration strategy, and receive the parameters to be programmed for your machine control or CAM system.

The new ToolExpert HelixRamp and ToolExpert HDC can now also be used offline with modern browsers. To do this, open your desired cutting data calculator with an active internet connection once, and after the automatic download you can then also use the software when you are not connected to the internet.

NVDS high-performance milling tools are available in ToolExpert HDC now

You do not need to download any software to use this application, as you can start using it directly online.

The new penetration edge enables an extreme and unprecedented increase in productivity to be achieved when working with the NX-NVDS- and NB-NVDS tools. The patented double-groove geometry and the Vario twist allow for high delivery rates and are ideal for HPC and HDC milling.

The HDC milling (High Dynamic Cutting) – also known as trochoidal milling – is a high-performance roughing strategy, which is characterized by constant cutting conditions. Due to this, the material removal rate and the process reliability can be significantly increased. And this at the same time as the tool life is being increased!

A maximum level of productivity is thereby guaranteed.

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