High-performance milling tools catalog 2018

The new high-performance milling tools catalog 2018 is now available!

Our new milling catalog will now be updated and published annually. It contains a host of innovations and an expanded product range, promising a huge boost to productivity. These include new finishing strategies which open up undreamed-of prospects.

Here are just a few new highlights from our current catalog:

The MB-RNVDS milling cutter is the latest addition to the successful cylindrical MFC milling cutter programme. It combines the outstanding easy-cut properties of the MFC milling cutter with new corner radii and is suitable for use with a wide range of materials.

The HX family has been re-designed for high-performance machining of hardened steels. The HX-NVS milling cutter considerably extends the range of applications for hard machining tools. It stands for long service life, high process reliability, minimal shape deviation, and much improved tool life in comparison with its predecessor.

The newly developed AX-FPS for aluminum machining sets new standards, thanks to smooth and ultra-fast chip clearance. Maximum agility, full-slot milling up to 2xd, and a penetration angle of 25° are just a few highlights of this tool for which cutting data has been specially developed in ToolExpert AX-FPS.

The ArCut X also opens up new perspectives in terms of performance: On 5-axis machine tools machining times for finishing operations can be reduced by almost 80%, without compromising surface characteristics.

As you can see, our catalog contains a host of innovations that can help to make your job easier and more efficient.


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